The company’s image is based on the quality of your visuals and the messages you give.
IMAPLAN takes care of the projects you give to it.

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3D animated films, animated industrial processes, training documents, 3D visualization tools, images for your catalogue or product description, pictures for your professional fairs presentations …… IMAPLAN can create complementary communication tools, respecting your graphic chart, to present your projects or products, convince your customers or train your users for example.

3D animated film

IMAPLAN takes care of the entire realization of your 3D animated film: writing of the script, image creation, texturing, post-production, tracking, editing and publication.
Our full HD resolution allows you to view your video on big screens.Do not wait any longer, use  animation!



3D viewer: click on and hold to change the angular view!

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From numerical modelling, we create high quality images for all of your uses: technical presentation, training support, interactive or marketing presentation …Realistic rendering, exploded view, cross-sectional view, 3D image, we design on request your images and adapt them according to your demands:

► Before-sale: present the vision of your product before manufacturing it.

► Help to design: use our skills to view every variation of color, texture, and form of your products

► Based in reality: we are able to integrate your project or product, still in a virtual state, into its “real environment”.

► Simplicity: to avoid problems caused by taking photos in difficult or insecure environments, to simplify the adjustment of the depth or the light, the 3D image is the best solution.


Digital tools

Appli-metierWe are aware that documents have to be available for everybody and from everywhere. We can help you in the reflexion, and if necessary the integration of documents on digital supports (tablet, web,

smartphone, …) through a taylor made development.

For instance, to allow you to reach your work documents from nowhere and facilitate their upgrade, we created an specific application on tablet, which concentrate technical data to make them available to everybody.